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Police Squad

Police Squad from Liverpool in England has been around since 2008 when they were a three piece. Alasdair Robinson (Guitar / Vocals /Keys), Daniel Simpson (Guitar / Vocal /Keys), Kieron Clarke (Drums), Phil Kinshuck (Bass / Vocal) and Stephen Dee (Guitar /Vocal /Keys) have a new four track EP Gestalt to showcase their blend of indie rock.

Police Squad

Police Squad

Harmonics are the key to Police Squad as they mix the instruments and vocals to develop the ambience they are seeking to deliver. With the range of musicians they are able to switch emphasis, ranging from longer more melodic pieces to briefer harder edged rock numbers, though they are not looking to set records for most beats per minute.

It may have taken a while for the band to emerge with their debut EP, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the quintet form their material as a collaborative, which they acknowledge can make life tense and complicated, but it suits these players and the end result being songs of in which they all take pride.

There is a saying in about Management by Committee resulting in mediocrity, but in the instance of Police Squad, that refrain doesn’t hold true as they are evidently talented creators, who have space for each others opinions. The music which doesn’t sound watered down, rather, has a depth of quality that materialises the more you listen to the band.


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