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Panic Dance

Panic Dance a hip-hop / ska / Drum ‘n’ Bass trio from Cheshunt in England, apart from lifting the day, comprise Adem (Guitar/ Vocals /Beats / recording), Ffion (Vocals) and Lemmi (Bass / Vocals) not to forget Microtron the laptop figuring out the loops.

Panic Dance

Panic Dance

There is nothing to do other than dance when Panic Dance hit the play button, which makes writing a review a bit of an issue. The music ploughs out of the speakers straight in to the Osseocarnisanguineoviscericartilagininervomedullary.

Whilst evidently enjoying creating the music, the trio are genuine and capable musicians, who pull neatly in to the sound-scape, ska, without actually having a drum kit and it doesn’t sound like a plasticised beat either. The infectious enthusiasm rubs off on to the listener who is left with a beaming smile across the face as Panic Dance continue to pull-out of the repertoire a kit-bag of diversity, that has the feet demanding more, even though lungs are burning and so we have an aptly named band.

The use of multifarious vocal adds to the over-all freshness of the band, as each track brings forth a new dimension. Not something to play when you are planning a romantic evening dinner, but certainly one to put on at the start of a party night and preferably keep it playing all night too.

I must add, Quite Great Music PR is coming up with some entrancing acts recently.


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