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Limbo Kids

Limbo Kids from Oxford in England is the electro-pop band that centres around the duo of Mark Stephenson and James Hitchman.

Limbo Kids

Limbo Kids

This is almost an electronic version of shoegaze, so is of some interest to the ears. The tracks are fairly lengthy and I am still not sure if this is a good thing or not, but either way it plays well in the brain. Un-fussed compositions are layered through the electronics hum and emerge in a muted ambience that wends it way languidly around the room to the accompaniment of a carefully structured beat.

In many ways this should fail abysmally but there is, inside that plastic shell, an engaging construct with which the brain engages almost in spite of itself, which is perhaps the mark of a top flight sound. The natural rhythms and flows are what marks out the sound of Limbo Kids beyond the merely mundane.

There is smart song-writing ability that raises the bar and enables the band to deliver something that keeps the listener on-side and it will be interesting to see how their new three track EP – Wanderlust – fares. I have a feeling it falls between the stalls of trying too hard to be radio friendly, whilst in essence having far more charisma and there is a danger that it will – well – just slip between the cracks, which would be a shame as the material is of genuine interest and value to the world of music.


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