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Hungry Ghosts

Hungry Ghosts is an alternative nu-rock band from York in England. James Browne (Vocals / Guitar / Keys),  Adam Wilson (Guitar / Synth / Vocals), Ant Henderson (Bass / Vocals) and Clark Howard (Drums / Percussion / Vocals) are gaining a strong following to accompany their musical proficiency.

Hungry Ghosts

Hungry Ghosts

Well, that was an uninspiring introduction so, let’s see if I can your attention for what is an intoxicating sound. The band implant classic rock riffs with a New Romantic twist and the devilish vocals of the best of New Wave. I am reminded of much that was great in the early ’80s all rolled in to one big booming sonic-wave.

Hungry Ghosts is a band that draws listeners from a tremendous girth of  genres and  have the knack of delivering in return something for everyone’s ears, creating fans rather than casual observers. The quirky vocal which reminds me of David Bowie  is an absolute delight as it channels the raw emotion of the songs, while the solid guitar strikes a no-nonsense direction, with percussion that rips through the body demanding a vertical posture, while the synth and keys layer the head in bubble-wrap and so we have all the strongest elements of the three genres, hence my mish-mash definition as alternative nu-rock.

Once again I am reminded of why writing about music is such a pleasure, thank you Hungry Ghosts for getting Monday off to such a good start.


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