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Eutopia is a synth rock duo from London in England that emerged in 2011. Alexander Kotziamanis (Guitars / Vocals) and Leah Lennick (Keys / Synths / Vocals) rustle up an engaging out-put which rattles round the brain.



Leah Lennick, reminded me so much of the ring of Lene Lovich, how could I not take a listen and far more importantly from the perspective of the indie bands blog, I think this new duo has something very interesting to say.

A rock opera comes pounding out of the speakers as the merge of influences are given full-reign to explore the stage. A duo – Are you sure? There is a powerhouse of music here, which is superbly crafted through the judicious use of synth which envelops the sound in bubble-wrap. I look forward to the development and hope that the duo feel able to add a full-time percussion to the line-up as once that occurs, I think the strength of the music will be enhanced by familiarity as opposed to turning up and  ’playing drums’. Even as it stands the stunning quality of composition knock the speakers to self-clean.

Eutopia are on the track to a shining path ( no I am not referencing the PCP in Peru) and sadly a gig set for the Friday in the week I wrote this review was called off due to venue issues. Do expect a live review soon and I look forward to more, particularly the debut LP Seven which is currently being prepared for release.


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