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DoG HeaDed SpiRiTs

DoG HeaDed SpiRiTs is the progressive rock duo of Kira White and Kheri Sherpa from London in England who both play guitar and sing.

DoG HeaDed SpiRiTs

DoG HeaDed SpiRiTs

There should be so much I dislike about this duo – the way the band capitalises their name -DoG HeaDed SpiRiTs – progressive rock, but somehow I find myself intrigued. There is a delightful naivety that pours out of the speakers as the whole set-up teeters on the balance of it all going horribly wrong, but it never does. With the switching between vocalists the duo are able to maintain an interest as each iteration peels out a completely different sound. Perhaps it is the gumption in tackling psychedelic progressive rock with only a duo and extensive use of acoustic that appeals even more. Which ever way it cuts, there is something that just makes this stand-out and want me to keep listening.

Don’t expect to be challenged by the material as it totters in to the room like a woman trying on stilettos for the first time, but do expect to be intrigued. DoG HeaDed SpiRiTs can currently be found playing the Camden circuit (London) and they are working to break to the wider space with the release of their second LP - Sirius Connexion.

This is a duo to take with a glass of wine whilst taking some time out and in that context it works superbly.


Sirius Connexion is available on Sirius Connexion - Dog Headed Spirits*

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