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Constellation are a five piece rock band from Bournemouth in England. Ali Davis (Lead Vocals), Josh Wyatt (Rhythm Guitar), Martin Whitfield (Lead Guitar), Jason Harris (Bass) and Mark Harris (Drums) got together in late 2009. Making available a charity release in January 2011 – Flower Song and donating all their proceeds to Scotty’s Little Soldiers, a charity which supports the families of British Service Personnel killed in action.



The melodic rock is well rounded, as the  five members of the band manage to fit together like a  neat jigsaw. The resulting songs are at once identifyingly rock while simultaneously restrained. Many bands in this genre seem to believe that louder and brasher is better and it is good to hear a band who take a different perspective, having the confidence to let their composition make a louder statement than boosted amps.

With the addition of the Rhythm Guitar, Constellation, add depth and clarity to their out-put, which sits comfortably on the ears, while still having the energy and drive to keep an audience actively engaged. Explored guitar breaks are not permitted to wander off aimlessly out of control.

They have not become slaves to a genre and comfortably interpret different tempos and beats to generate an agreeable sound which begs the question, when we will we be hearing an album release?

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Rock is a genre which is difficult for a band to catch my ears, so many thanks Jo for bringing the band and their charity work to my attention.

Flower Song is available on itunes

For more information on the charity Scotty’s Little Soldiers

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