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Clockwork Radio

Clockwork Radio, an eclectic mix of musical backgrounds and nationalities settled on Manchester in England as the home base. Richard Williams (vocals / guitar), Iwan Jones (lead guitar / vocals), Nadim Mirshak (bass), Dan Wiebe (drums / percussion) and Sam Quinn (keys / samples / guitar) combine to produce their own musical territory, which they determine as – Future Rock.

Clockwork Radio

Clockwork Radio

It isn’t possible for me to listen without a smile raising on my face, Clockwork Radio just lift up the heart and if it wasn’t sunny outside today, I wouldn’t notice the misery of the day. There is an engaging chanting sentience with a Latin American embed, which considering we are thinking North Wales and Egypt is intriguing in itself.

Some music just has the power to immediately whisk the listener on a journey and Clockwork Radio manage that trick, track after track. The quintet play well together, bringing the eclectic musical references on-side with calmness, taking the ears on a joyful ride.

There are some complicated transitions in the music, with which the band deal without troubling the listener with triviality such as ‘how did they manage that?’ – As it should be. Music is an experience and doesn’t have to be a battle of wits, leaving the band able to add as many complexities as they can insert, like the proverbial swan and underwater legs, while the elegant smoothness is what bounces around the ear-drum.

Massively able musicians and superb compositions, welcome to Clockwork Radio.


Touring extensively both in the UK and Europe it would be a good idea to spend sometime in the company of Clockwork Radio.

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