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Civil Love

Civil Love from Peckham, London in England is a three piece indie-pop ’60s influenced band, though regularly use a fourth player and the trio are on the look-out for a full-time fourth member. The current line-up comprises James Rowland (Guitar / backing vocals), Dan Hale (Drums / keys / backing vocals) and Urko Eizmendi (Bass / percussion / melodica) the regular fourth member is the solo artist Ken Kobayashi (Guitar).

Civil Love

Civil Love

This has the feel of stepping back in to Carnaby Street in it’s hey day, the material just makes life feel better regardless of whether the music resonates in the listeners ears. Civil Love isn’t breaking any barriers here, but that isn’t the purpose of the out-fit. This sits as such a jar to the expected from South London in the present clime, that it shines like a beacon of hope.

There is an intoxicating honey that drips from the music, with-out it being saccharine sweet and I would imagine these guys would be well received on the festival circuit. Although reminiscent of the ’60s the band isn’t just a nostalgic reflection, rather, drawing on life in the 21st  Century and shaping that perspective in to an alternative format which has the refreshing taste of a Sangria.

It will be interesting to hear how the band move forward, the debut eponymous EP is a good starting point.


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