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Becca B

Becca B is an indie-pop singer songwriter from Nottinghamshire in England. Having tried her hand with a band, Becca decided back in 2011 that life on her own would suit better.

Becca B

Becca B

This is easy material in which to linger, as the finesse of vocal washes away the cares of the world. Becca B has a fine vocal and I can understand why she decided to head out on her own without the confusion of a band around her. The voice melts in to the ears like warm wax plugging out the woes of the world.  It isn’t often I find myself enthused by this style of material, but this reminds me so much of the music that Julie enjoyed, that it needs to sit on my playlist, particularly on anniversary dates.

Becca is able to gruff the noise and here I find myself in a space in which to wallow as her vocal drops half an octave and engages like a power-driver in to the limbic system. The vocal sits within a cleverly constructed framework, which highlights the pictures being painted on the canvas.

With a debut release Dear Diary set for release on 9th June 2012, Becca B sits sufficiently within the mainstream to predicate a strong career ahead, yet at present retains the sharp edges which makes the songs come alive. I hope she isn’t swallowed up by the machine, only to be spat out and manages keep a tight handle on the dimples.


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