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Artists Only

Artists Only originally from Chester in England is the duo of James Madden and Ryan Murphy who deliver garage folk containing  a rich seam of influences.

Artists Only

Artists Only

The music contains an incredibly wide range of derivations, which the duo have been able to fuse to create a mellow and engaging out-put. The quiet confidence in the skills are evident in the delivery which compresses much in to a small space, yet emerges as unhurried and enveloping music.

The guitar work is the signature feature of the sound with an active echo and delay creating the atmospherics which enable Artists Only to play with the diversity of influences which they bring together and deliver something that has the listener wandering in to early morning mists over a river. Evocative and emotionally laden, the duo have used the two years since the formation of the band to great effect.

Pretty well defying a genre description the haunting sounds resonate of folk, but it isn’t that, driven with rock thematics on occasion, but that isn’t right either.  After taking a listen through their recent release The Big Ask, I was not only left feeling the day was getting better but with a sense of having explored something intense.


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