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Arizona Rifles

Arizona Rifles is an indie rock band from Leeds in England which started life earlier in 2013. Steve McNamara (Guitar), Andy Cooper (Bass), Sam Jones (Vocals) and Craig Thompson (Drums) have rapidly formed a cohesive sound and are gaining traction.

Arizona Rifles

Arizona Rifles

I initially received an email with one song to hear, but that particular track had some great value to my ears and kindly the guys put out some more material so that I could get a feel for a review. Few in number of songs that I have heard, at this early stage of development Arizona Rifles is a band I am delighted to introduce.

To get a real sense of a rock band, taking a listen to acoustic pieces is often an ear opener. These guys are genuinely capable musicians as they temper their acoustic material with layers of emotional context through a top notch vocal performance and sense of timing. In fully plugged-in mode they retain that sense of delicate balance that enables them to deliver a sound which speaks of forlorn dreams.

An underlying current of sensitivity is couched in a sense of pent-up frustration giving the music at once something of a rock ballad folksy blues feel wrapped up in a rock construct and this is a sound, which seems perfectly in context with the reality of and moods of 2013. The material reflects on a world of crushing disappointment, yet not a raging political anger, rather a considered reality of day to day life with a sense of invincibility and hope for a better future.

With a debut single coming out on the 17th June 2013 – Still Come Back To You – I look forward to hearing more from Arizona Rifles.


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