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Alvarez Kings

The indie-pop band Alvarez Kings from Sheffield in England formed in 2005 with Brothers Simon (Vocals / Guitar) and Paul Thompson (Bass)  along with Sean Parkin (Guitar) and Rich Walker (Drums). Their first release  a single The Sequel dates back to 2010, this was followed by the 2011 EP Patience Is Strength and they have just released the four track Cold Conscience, which came out on the 18th June 2012.

Alvarez Kings

Alvarez Kings

There are bands that sometimes come through and it is difficult to believe they are still on the emerging bands list and so Alvarez Kings sit. Where has the world been for the past few years? Superbly constructed and material bounces out of the speakers. For sure the quartet are becoming well known on the festival circuit, but it is about time the wider world woke up to a genuinely interesting band.

My poor little brain is overladen with nothing this morning and I am struggling to describe the influences that ring through the high pitched guitar, hopefully one of the readers of the website will jog my memory. Any-way there is a hint of latin, shoegaze and that ear tingling guitar that the band is able to harness in to an up-tempo dance rhythm that keeps the ears fully lock-in.

The material is delivered cleanly and with confidence, but there is just enough edge to it, that it sits firmly inside my radar and I do hope the US tour they are about to embark on, develops in to a wider break, one they certainly deserve.


Cold Conscience is available on Cold Conscience - EP - Alvarez Kings*

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