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The Happy Hippo Family

The Happy Hippo Family is a seven piece indie pop band from Örebro in Sweden, comprising –  Björn Fhager (Drums), Carl Viman (Guitar), Rickard Andersson (Guitar / Vocals), Daniel Fagerudd (Synth), Timmy Bjärnebro (Bass / Vocals), Martin Qvarfordt (Vocals) and Marcus Gustafsson (Percussion) and that isn’t easy to get on stage.

The Happy Hippo Family

The Happy Hippo Family

Lemon soufflé comes to mind as I listen to The Happy Hippo Family, refreshing, fluffy and studied. There is an invigorating enthusiasm that emerges from the music. With a septet, the band is able to add many different sound-structures to the music, which they do avidly, but without it becoming a confusing mess of discordance.

A mash-up of influences conflate and are projected by the band with verve that infects the audience with a sense of joy. The individuals are given space to shine, without tripping over each other as The Happy Hippo Family delivers with clarity and confidence their up-beat take on the world. Even when chasing the more sombre side of life, they handle the context with a positivity that raises a smile to the face and a tap of the foot.

A new release Mustache was released on 10th April, which finds the band in fine fettle.

Website (in Swedish)

Mustache is available on Mustache - Single - The Happy Hippo Family*

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