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Wandering in from Stockholm in Sweden a city so cool it denounces the latest technology as last years gadget and always manages to find the underground before the underground knows it is there, so we find Lo-Fi-Fnk. Sometimes that hip becomes arrogant and these guys teeter on the edge, yet fall on the right side of the crevasse. To their absolute credit they acknowledge the artists who make them who they are - Link Drougge – who performs live and on recording and sometimes live are -  Maja Gödicke and  Nottee, the central duo? Leo Drougge  and  August Hellsing. Welcome to the new Ibiza.



For anyone who has been to Sweden, you will know the ‘New’ changes almost daily, leaving New York so far behind that on-trend in Stockholm take the time to sneer, yet Lo-Fi-Fnk have been filling the venues for years and eventually the rest of the world will catch up to the concept of insta-mix live bands, which is where the duo are developing with considerable success. Recorded versions don’t do justice to what this is about, this is a live performance set-up, where the ability to reshape the dance floor to a far more intoxicating experience than the floor filling triple deck re-mixers are able, speaks of a far higher level.


The Boom (remixes) EP is available on Boom (Remixes) - EP - Lo-Fi-Fnk*

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