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Karin Park

Karin Park hails from Djura in Sweden. Now based in the UK, she continues to mesmerise with the electro-house beats that wrap around the head. On live performances you will find Karin appearing with David Park.

Karin Park

Karin Park

Living in Churches – Karin comes from a 400 population village inside a religious family – it does remind me of a few years ago when I thought a move to The Isle of Wight would make sense and found myself particularly attracted to a Church, complete with consecrated graveyard that was available with planning permission for conversion to a home and office. The only restriction being the graveyard, which sat in the grounds, had to be retained. It wasn’t the thought of the dead bodies that put me off, it was the thought of the live relatives wanting access which particularly annoying me. This side-step will make sense at some point.

Is that the Scandinavian Toyah Willcox emerging from the speakers? No. It is a voice that can do much more, as the vocals swarm around the electronics like a snake sliding in the undergrowth. There is an ear entrancing assembly to the layers of constituent parts of the fabric in the melodies. The congregation is invited to explore the writhing bodies around as the colligative nucleus cohesively melds souls on the dance-floor in to one homogenous being.

Did I mention Karin Park lives in a Church, which is where the video was shot?


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