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Son and The Holy Ghosts

Son and The Holy Ghosts is a rock band from Palma de Mallorca in Majorca on the Balearic Islands a sharp advocate of Estado de las Autonomías but still from Spain nevertheless. Guillem Mesquida(Acoustic Guitar / Electric Guitar / Vocals), Josep Verdera (Drums / Backing Vocals), Joan Grimalt (Electric Guitar / Slide Guitar / Lap-Steel / Pedal-Steel / Backing Vocals), Xisco Carbonell (Electric Guitar / Acoustic Guitar) and Enrique Pérez (Bass).

Son and The Holy Ghosts

Son and The Holy Ghosts

How could I not reference the politics of the Spanish Civil War or the world renowned Ibiza Club scene, where friends such as Alex Howse spent their last summer before succumbing to the inevitable. Then I rebound with a thanks to know that the Balearics’ also contains, inside the citadels, some distinctive space, which must make the whole concept even harder given the magnetic attraction of the Isles – akin to finding a Catholic Priest ordaining a Gay Wedding. But I am delighted to be here and thank you Son and The Holy Ghosts for fighting what must seem an uphill battle. I was always intrigued as to why and how The Steepwater Band secured such a strong centre in Spain, to which they return year after year, here I have an answer.

American rock seamlessly slides out of the speakers and emerges as a sweet flow of intoxication as it seeps through the head. Slide and lap-steel guitar has suddenly encapsulated the gently rocking motion that overtakes my body. Nothing is forced or driven as the band consummately sweep up the dust on the road ahead, casting it aside with flickering guitar fingering and picks.


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