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Utah Raptors

Utah Raptors is a rock band from Essen in Germany, which formed in 2011 ***

*** An update posted 9th August 2012 – Joe Sick is no longer with the band, which is now a duo. Once the out-fit has settled with the new line-up I will get an updated review written – time for an image update too -

Utah Raptors

Utah Raptors new line-up

when the trio of long experienced musicians –  Jörg Tschentschel (Guitar / Vocal / Drums), Robin Knoll (Guitar) and Joe Sick (Guitar) decided it was time to work together.

Utah Raptors

Utah Raptors

Just because you have experience, doesn’t necessarily make you any good at something. I can tell you that from personal knowledge. I have been alive for a few decades now and still no idea to manage the day to day aspects of life. Fortunately Utah Raptor have made a better fist of it than I and have used that experience to create a band that has melded very quickly and produces some interesting sounds.

With the use of acoustics and electric guitars the trio is able to deliver far more than a standard fare of rock and roll. For sure they are good at the standard anthems, but far more importantly they have the ability to spread the stage even further and deliver a sound which not only has arms waving and upper body swaying with the rest of the crowd, they shuffle in to the pack some smartly tangential sounds that grab the ears to replay the constructions a few times in the mind.

Intriguingly a website in German and a lyric in English, I always find that perplexing, such are the aspects that divert my brain. This is material which will sit superbly not only across the Festival circuits, but I do think has a home-ground in the Americas and Spain with the Blues Rock influences, the two centres which still have significant traction. Which I guess they know already, hence the American State reference, which makes the German language website even more interesting.

I had to smile as I wrote the above paragraph as often I find myself writing about Electro sounds from Canada and the USA when I posit the opposite Atlantic journey. Which reminds me, I must let you know of the Company name I debated for some considerable time which included the title Raptor in it and why I finally decided the world of Head-hunting and raptor’s just isn’t that great a marketing move, no matter how descriptive it may be.

website (Be aware this site will immediately play music)

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