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Becquerels is not as may be assumed in anyway related to radioactive decay, nor physicists from France, but a five piece indie band from München in Germany. Having originally played under the name of Lagoon, the name change reflected a more structured song-writing direction. El Rabanito Becquerel (Vocals / Drums / Percussion), Joe Becquerel (Vocal / Bass), Mellen Becquerel (Lead Vocals / Guitar / Keys), Mic Becquerel (vocal / Guitar) and Sir Mikesch Becquerel (Vocal / Lead guitar / Keys) form the current line-up.



Shuffling in to the ears is the core elements of shoegaze as the band wander through a lazy guitar which is reminiscent of the Spaghetti Westerns the sound enhanced by the use of organs, as opposed to electronics, which adds even further to the fullness of the sound.

Becquerls is precise in delivery, which is complicated by the slow nature of the guitar playing, with chords extended for improbably lengthy periods, as a delightful vocal delivers a complimentary effect. The over all shape is one of maturity and confidence in delivery that is reflected in the song structures which firmly eschew electronic tinkering, harking firmly to the era of ’60s and ’70s pop rock bands.


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