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Achromatic Attic

Achromatic Attic is a rock band from Zagreb in the Rebublic of Croatia with the line-up of Dino SeferoviDomagoj PuškariMislav Marti and Matej Lagura.

Anchromatic Attic

Anchromatic Attic

An intriguing blend of influences emerge from the speakers – on the one hand heavily US influenced vocal, on the other classic British Rock and Achromatic Attic do a good job of mixing it together to present an effect that is Stateless. Having been playing for a couple of years they have just released their first EP – Glassy Sweeper, which they use to demonstrate a degree of diversity showcasing their abilities.

Speed is the essence of the material – that and roaring bass / percussion combinations and the quartet deliver this with precision and pace in a wave of sonics that keep the listener engaged. They have managed to carve out a generous space in which to explore their sounds and there is much to mark out as interesting. I would sense their focus will be as a touring band and I would expect to see more of them on the European scene in the coming year.

There are some musical styles that work better for the higher volumes and Achromatic Attic has a general soundscape that is easily able to handle the volume being turned up a notch or two. Perhaps that is due to the persistent lower registers which always seem to work better, to my ears, when played louder. Either way I am delighted to have had the opportunity to introduce the band to the Indie Bands Blog and I look forward to hearing more in short order.


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