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XOVA is Wayne, Stuart, James, Skins, Boot and Mikey a fusion reggae band from Birmingham in England. Bringing together a mix of music from around the world with a strong reggae / ska spine running through much of the material, XOVA (pronounced cross over – well there is often the odd jar in this world of SMS […]


Affairs is a five piece alternative electro indie outfit from Hull in England with the line-up of: James Robinson; Liam Grindell; Jack Richards; Dan Parker and Michael Bradnam. Affairs, with their taste in the eclectic create something that stands out from the crowd and today, as I type, getting over a raging chesty cough, is exactly […]

Secret Oktober

Secret Oktober is an indie synth band with Sebastian Storm (Vocals / Keyboards / Guitar), Andy Foster (Fretless Bass / Keyboards), Simon Pearce (Guitars) and Paul Smith (Drums) in the line-up from Birmingham in England. Citing influences from the 80′s New Romantics, Secret Oktober have woven into the sounds a more psychedelic feel which enables the quartet to run the tracks at […]


Silas is a rock band from London in England made up of Dave Runham (lead vocals), Tom Ross (guitar / drums backing vocal), Matt Drumm (bass) and Mike Ross (guitar / drums / backing vocal). Whilst delivering much of their music as an all-out heavy metal out-fit there is an engaging subtexture to the material that is rooted in funk and jazz […]

The Chances

The Chances is an alternative synth-rock band comprising Johnny Kincaid (Vocals / Synth), Ned Wall (Bass), Dan Rankin (Guitar) and Justice Arkorful (Drums) from Brighton in England. Perchance I was having a conversation with a guy who works in a diversity of roles in the music industry as an advisor and do-er and our conversation settled around Brighton for […]

The Scintillas

The Scintillas is an indie rock band based in South West London, England. The line-up of  Nev Evans, Paul Smart, Laura Callaghan and Jesse Butler have undergone a couple of name changes, but have found a steady banner under which to release a single – Say What You Like and a follow up EP in […]


MAUD is an alternative electro-synth trio based in London – England. The band members –  Maud Waret (Vocals / Violin),  Nikolaj Bjerre (Percussion) and  Philippe Locke (Keyboards / Guitar / Bass) developed organically from a vague exchange of song ideas back in 2005 to a more solid formation and direction of travel in 2011.   A blend […]

Dead Wolf Club

Dead Wolf Club is an alternative indie band from Tintagel in England. Alwin, John, Martha and Serra flirt with the lighter edges of distortion. It would be easy to slot the Dead Wolf Club in to a range of genres, but that would be unhelpful as not only would that not be their core sound, but […]

Captain Dangerous

Captain Dangerous is an alternative indie band from Nottingham in England. The bands employs a plethora of instruments through the line-up of Adam Clarkson (guitar / vocals),  Miles Clark (guitar / trumpet / melodica / accordion / violin / vocals), Mark Houlgate (bass),  Jamie Elliott (drums / percussion) and Rob Rosa (Violin). Rather than sounding like a mash-up […]

Governor’s Luck

Governor’s Luck is an new wave band from Tiptree in England formed  when Jack Horscraft (Vocals), Manny Martinez (Bass), George Horscraft (Guitar) and Ben Daniels (Drums / Programming / Keys) got together in January 2011. Governor’s Luck What I find particularly fascinating about the current New Wave scene is how more melodic and layered it has become. Essentially at […]

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