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Arizona Rifles

Arizona Rifles is an indie rock band from Leeds in England which started life earlier in 2013. Steve McNamara (Guitar), Andy Cooper (Bass), Sam Jones (Vocals) and Craig Thompson (Drums) have rapidly formed a cohesive sound and are gaining traction. I initially received an email with one song to hear, but that particular track had some great value to my […]

We Are Falcon

We Are Falcon is the indie rock band line-up of James Moss, Mickey Clarke, Huw Brown and Pete Clarke from London in England. Driving percussion drives its way through the material like a Fracking engineering project –  thrusting in to the earth’s’ upper crusts to explode a hidden world of seismic interpolation to expose the hidden plunder […]

Gold Skies Ahead

Gold Skies Ahead is the indie rock band of Jimmy (Vocals), Kenzi (Guitar / Vocals), Jack (Lead Guitar), Joe (Drums) and Jonny (Bass) from Bedford in England. Having been around for about three years now Gold Skies Ahead have honed their craft to a great extent. An American indie-pop sound to them sits strangely to my ears for a band […]

Black Nevada

Black Nevada from Shildon in England is the rock out-fit comprising Jordan Bailey (Guitar / Vocals), Anthony Fish (Bass / Backing Vocals), George Tait (Lead Guitar) and Cameron Dunn (Drums). A surging energy sweeps across the room on hitting play as Black Nevada deliver their high octane instrumentally powerful rock. Originally called The Fallen, when starting out just over […]

Echo Arcadia

Echo Arcadia is the Edinburgh, Scotland based alternative indie septet of Leigh Moyes (Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar), Vonny Moyes (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Euan Mushet  (Bass), Dan Ciesielski (Drums), Kev Tierney (Guitar / Vocals /Trumpet), Pete Nicholson (Keys / Vocals) and Andrew Gray (Violin / Vocals). Echo Arcadia are one of those introductions that sat in my inbox for quite some time […]

Calling All Astronauts

Calling All Astronauts is the alternative electro trio of David B (Vocals / Programming / Keys), JJ Browning (Guitars) and Kristi Bury (Bass) from London in England. Is this synthed-up rock or rocked-up synthesiser? Either way Calling All Astronauts make a welcome appearance into my ears on hitting play as passion purple music billows across the room. There […]


Coast – a Celtic Rock band from Southampton in England has undergone various line-up transitions which has developed into the five piece of Paul Eastham (Vocals / Keyboards / Acoustic Guitar), Andy Davey (Lead Guitar / Acoustic Guitar / Vocals), Chris Barnes (Percussion / Vocals), Andrej Chernjavskij (Drums) and Hamish Ferguson (Bass). Listening to half a track and the evidence […]

Temple Songs

Temple Songs is a retro lo-fi outfit from Manchester in England with a line-up of Jolan Lewis (Guitar / Vocal), Jean Hughes (Guitar), Dave Hardy (Bass) and Andrew Richardson (Drums). Unmistakeably English in derivation, think Los Angeles Summer Surf Pop meets English Bank-Holiday rain – it is an extra day off work, so no matter […]


Meltybrains? is Ben, Donnacha, Tadhg, Micheál and Brian an ambient electro-rock band from Dublin in Ireland. A surreal sense of humour and take on the world akin to Dali meets Private Eye set to music greets the ears with the output of Meltybrains?. The electro-ambience is flecked with experimental directions, yet there is a recognizable format to the sound which is […]

Slim Loris

Slim Loris is an Indie band from Stockholm in Sweden with the line-up of Mattias Cederstam (Vocals / Bass / Piano), Robert Barrefelt (Guitars) and when live also includes Jonas Ellenberg (Drums) and Leon Lindström (Guitars / Vocals). You just know when you come to a Swedish indie band there will be something marking a difference and […]

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