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Ollo is the alternative electronica duo of Alex Crowfoot and Lars Chresta from Sydney in Australia. This is one of those bands that has been sitting in my inbox for the best part of a year for no good reason. Sean Hocking from Metal Postcard Records sent me over the what was then the unreleases LP Ape Delay, but time […]

Train Robbers

Train Robbers is a retro indie rock band from Sydney in Australia. Geoffrey (Vocal / Guitar), Jamie (Guitar),  Nicon (Bass) and Jared (Drums) who draw influences from 60′s British rock and roll. With ease, the mind is transitioned to Carnaby Street in its heyday. Having emerged out of Archerbolds they have spent the past two years garnering a […]

Sea Legs

From Bateau Bay in Australia emerge Byron Knight (Vocals / Guitar), Cail Borg (Bass / Backing Vocals), Tim Andrews (Keyboards / Guitar / Vocals) and Josh Osborne (Drums) who make up the indie rock band Sea Legs. Although they have only been together for about a year, Sea Legs has an experienced line-up as the formation came about from […]

The Creptter Children

The Creptter Children is the noir synth rock out-fit centred around Iballa Chantelle (vocals / guitars) and N80R Creptter  (guitar / backing vocals / synths programmer) from Melbourne in Australia. Out come the deep purple velvet elbow length gloves to wrap up the audience as the intoxicating vocal experience that is Iballa as it weaves into the room […]

We Do This

Based in Adelaide in Australia the trio of John (Vocals / Guitar / Bass), Alan (Guitar / Vocals) and Mark (Drums) make up the indie rock band – We Do This. We Do This is currently working on a new EP. Having had the opportunity to hear some of the demo tracks I can conjecture, this will be a zinger […]

Glass Vaults

Glass Vaults is the ambient electronics duo of Richard Larsen and Rowan Pierce from Wellington in New Zealand. Back in October 2010 I received an email introducing Glass Vaults and so it has lain until this sunny early October afternoon and what an appropriate day to be writing the review. Over the intervening couple of years the material […]

Jacob Butler

From Melbourne in Australia emerges the alternative rock singer songwriter Jacob Butler. With deft ability Jacob Butler  ranges across a diversity of geographic influence always returning with a heart-felt construction. Without the strength of song-writing this wouldn’t add much new territory, but Jacob possesses  a fine ear to song composition as he drives tempos up and down, edge or […]

Nicole Taylor

Nicole Taylor from Sydney in Australia is an indie pop singer songwriter. Squeezy lemonade sounds are stirred with acerbic vocals to raise a sound which  engages the dance buttons and the thought processes. Immediately on hitting play the ears are drawn to references of the most influential  indie pop lyricists across the past three decades, but rather than turning in to […]

Bad Thoughts

Bad Thoughts is Milo Kossowski (vocals and gadgets), and sometime bandmate Daina Fanning (backup doo-wop) producing an eerie ambient -shoegaze outpouring from Melbourne in Australia. Although it is only morning as I type this review, the immersive hypnosis wrapping round the room is trance like in quality and I am drifting away from coherent thoughts, so […]

Pink Fur and The Black Coats

Pink Fur and The Black Coats is the rock ‘n’ Roll duo of Joel Chant (Guitar / Vocals) and Callum Roza (Drums) from Brisbane in Australia. The duo is able to fill in all the gaps to sound like a full four piece line-up and this could be something straight out of the psychedelic era of rock […]

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