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Circle from Enmore in Australia is the alternative indie trio of Radi (Vocals / Keyboard), Bec (vocal / Keyboard) and Dan (Bass) who have been together since 2005. Surprisingly with so many keyboards, the material manages to strike a strident chord of paroxysms. There is a drubbing bass that can’t help but catch my ears and I find […]

The Emergency

The Emergency is a Melbourne, Australia based electro-pop team of Mila, Morgan and Cinta (Drums). Having started as a four-piece, distillated down to two and just added a live drummer the band has had an intriguing development, but they have now honed in on a space which is… Engaging bass challenges my sub-woofer, not to mention the […]

Obscura Hail

Obscura Hail is the vehicle used by the singer / songwriter Sean Conran from Wollongong in Australia to reflect his evocative indie folk take on life. There is a delightful sound which emerges from the speakers as the creative spark that is Sean Conran flexes his musical talents. The music has a softness which enhances […]

Molly Contogeorge

Heading over to Sydney in Australia and the indie bands blog finds Molly Contogeorge. A singer / songwriter / pianist in a genre combination, neither of which individually is generally enticing to my bass driven ears, never mind the  intertwining – jazz-pop – but Molly Contogeorge proves ability strikes high above preconception. The clarity of […]

The Dark Lights

Currently based in London, but originally from Adelaide in Australia – Matt Ho (Guitars /  Synth /  Vocals), Alan Grillo (Guitar /  Synth) and Rachel Ho (Bass) The Dark Lights –  met up with Paul Andrews  (Vocals / Mini organ) and Paul Hayward (Drums) on relocation as so here sits the synthetic rock band. I am often presented with a plethora […]

Bec Sandridge

Bec Sandridge is an Australian solo musician originally from Wollongong in Australia, who wrests from her soul an alternative-folk guitar driven construction. Having performed within a band she elected to stride a path on her own, utilising accompaniment as necessary. I seem to have been writing about female singer-songwriters for a few days now and Bec Sandridge is a pleasure to […]

The Mad Pride

The Mad Pride, from Wollongong in Australia is in essence a solo vehicle for the progressive / indie / psychedelia / folk  /rock multi-instrumentalist Rowan Galagher to get his thoughts out to the world, he does use occasional additional players. A vocal which in some ways reminds me of David Bowie adds a lustre to the brooding presence that emanates from the […]

The Salvagers

The Salvagers, from Sydney Austrialia, are the archetypal rock band – à la AC/DC. Cam (Vocals / guitar), Nathan (Guitar / vocals) Nic  (Drums / vocals) and Dawson (Bass / vocals), that’s an awful lot of vocalists, have been round since 2007, disappeared of the radar for a couple of years and returned in 2011 with […]

Secondhand Heart

Secondhand Heart is a band based in Melbourne Australia, describing their out-put as a blues infused blend of rock/pop. Jess Carroll (Vocals / Guitar)), Lily Parker (Vocal / Keyboard), John Waller (Lead Guitar), Michael Hanley (Bass) and Chris Duffy (Drums) who have been together since 2006 have just released their debut EP. Vocal resonance is a key feature of Secondhand […]

New Nobility

New Nobility from Sydney in Australia are a three piece rock band made up of Josh Maekowsky (Vocals, Guitar),  Krga Zoran (Keyboard, Drum) and Sead Trnka (Bass (Composer, Author)) Rock and my ears, as readers of the website know are just not naturally made for each other, so for a band to make in impact […]

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