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Train Robbers

Train Robbers is a retro indie rock band from Sydney in Australia. Geoffrey (Vocal / Guitar), Jamie (Guitar),  Nicon (Bass) and Jared (Drums) who draw influences from 60′s British rock and roll.

Train Robbers

Train Robbers

With ease, the mind is transitioned to Carnaby Street in its heyday. Having emerged out of Archerbolds they have spent the past two years garnering a live performance following and are just heading out on the recording path.

Unashamedly of an era long gone, Train Robbers do not make themselves a pastiche of the music, rather adding their own take to the sounds which contain a freshness and relevance. The easy style of play is, I would imagine better in live performance than as a recording, as the essential ingredient of a 4 – 8 track recording is lost somewhat in the digital era of multiple compressions. That said – I would be happy to add this to an evening easy listening playlist- were I to have one, I would however prefer to see them live.

The lilting melodies are delivered with a gentle flowing of guitar and drum inter-connection that captures the ears with it’s very digestible notations. An interesting band, I merely ponder how long they will continue to furrow this path as already on the single – Suns – they have chosen to release three versions of the same track and on their soundcloud account this count has headed up to four versions. Train Robbers is an intriguing take on the world of music and for something light to go with cocktails, then this is a great match.


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