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The Emergency

The Emergency is a Melbourne, Australia based electro-pop team of Mila, Morgan and Cinta (Drums). Having started as a four-piece, distillated down to two and just added a live drummer the band has had an intriguing development, but they have now honed in on a space which is…

The Emergency

The Emergency

Engaging bass challenges my sub-woofer, not to mention the very fabric of the house as a delicious creamy dark chocolate spreads a layer of silk across the room. I had to take a few checks to ensure that this was really Australia, but so it is.

If you enjoy a decent lower range and want to engage with some beautifully constructed electronics while the vampire in you has a run-out, there is no better space. The thumping lines of low frequency engagement frame material which evokes powerful passions in the brain, which is a perfect space in which music should wallow. My advice is – warn the neighbours, turn up the volume and be prepared for an intoxicating ride of voluptuous and sense evoking psychedelic fantasy.

Some music demands a writhing mass of bodies and so The Emergency lay, this should be on any club night list. It works as well on a sunny afternoon with friends in as a BBQ cooks in the garden but one thing is for certain this is music to share while the listeners delve in to dance mode, as evocations of Kate Bush three octaves lower shake the hips.


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Thanks Sean from Metal Postcard Records for yet another superb introduction.


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