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The Creptter Children

The Creptter Children is the noir synth rock out-fit centred around Iballa Chantelle (vocals / guitars) and N80R Creptter  (guitar / backing vocals / synths programmer) from Melbourne in Australia.

The Creptter Children

The Creptter Children

Out come the deep purple velvet elbow length gloves to wrap up the audience as the intoxicating vocal experience that is Iballa as it weaves into the room to the clouds of dark fog that is the musical accompanier which sets a suitably dark dungeon in which to ensnare the unwary.

Whilst redolent of  metallic and goth rock, there is a connection that can be made to those who don’t find that style a natural home. The powerhouse behind the music that The Creptter Children produces, is in my view, the ability to mix the synths in to the sound which affords it an almost cinematic float that enables the music to deliver an intense visual experience in the minds-eye of the listener.

The genre is a sound that lands in my inbox regularly and much of it sounds the same – this Australian out-fit rises well above the mundane as the combination of:  Rock guitar; Synth and Vocal, work in delightful harmony.

Aurally and visually the band works well and are far more than a teen-angst riven parody of itself, these are creators who know their way round the instruments they play, which enables the sounds to take on a powerful statement that has value to add to a broader audience, whilst equally pivoting around a sound that will resonate with core fans of the genre.


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