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WALSH (Vocals/ acoustic guitar / keys / harmonica / percussion), A.D. (Guitar / Vocals / Keys / Synth / mandoline), DYL (Guitar / Keys /Percussion), Mike (Bass / Vocals / Percussion / ukulele) and KC  (Drums / Percussion) make up the Melbourne – Australia – based indie Rock band PROJECT321EXPLOSION.



Amazingly despite their insistence on capitalisation PROJECT321EXPLOSION is able to deliver some pretty tender sounding material betwixt the Angus Young inspired breaks which they have sharpened to a new point. An engrossing lyric rumbles out of the speakers whilst a plethora of activity shuffles in the background.

Music full of surprises can be an engrossing space and this quintet certainly entertains as they pull together a diaspora of sounds. Not over complicating each individual track the sheer range of instrument and electronics to hand enables the band to fire tangential arrows in to the head, each aimed and targeted with a precision that the brain is happy to accept.On top of the superb vocal I enjoy how the band deliver a thumping bass line in whichever trajectory they choose to sew the threads.

You may have gotten the impression that there is an incoherency to the material, that is my poor writing, as PROJECT321EXPLOSION  deliver a consistency that is recognizable, not as band from Australia (other than the AC/DC references) but more of a central belt USA Americana rock out-fit.

I look forward to hearing how things develop with the band, who are one to get to see live if you get the chance.


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