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Molly Contogeorge

Heading over to Sydney in Australia and the indie bands blog finds Molly Contogeorge. A singer / songwriter / pianist in a genre combination, neither of which individually is generally enticing to my bass driven ears, never mind the  intertwining – jazz-pop – but Molly Contogeorge proves ability strikes high above preconception.

Molly Contogeorge

Molly Contogeorge

The clarity of the material majestically rises above a difficult sector as the song writing ability, vocal strength and sharp piano playing skills create a sound in which I can comfortably dwell. The compositions are straight to the point, but are rinsed in the delivery to create an engaging sound-track. It is the naivety, I think, which marks the music out and raises an interest in the brain. There is an honesty and integrity to the material, so often lacking in this sector of music, which not only captures attention, but brings a freshness that washes through the head.

Molly is working hard to generate a broader interest, but is not sacrificing the core attraction of the out-put with, what could be an easy side-step in to the commercial mainstream of pop-pap and long may she retain her real and essential strength.

With a couple of releases behind her, most recently Glasshouse Living - , Molly is potentially an interesting artist to listen along with in development of her career.


Glasshouse Living is available on Glasshouse Living - EP - Molly Contogeorge*

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