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BRUCE! is a heavy metal band from Tarrawanna in Australia comprising Michael Curley (Vocals / Guitar), Mick Brady (Vocals / Guitar), Luke Armstrong ( Vocals/ Bass) and Elwyn Brindle-Jones (Vocals / Drums).

BRUCE! - image - Aaron Saye Photography

BRUCE! – image – Aaron Saye Photography

Rippling with influences straight from the early days of fellow countrymen –  AC/DC –  so much so I had expected to see the trademark Angus shorts and it is little surprise to find the six string guitars are Gibsons’. But far from being a pastiche, the guys have their own style – which incorporates the judicious use of capital letters, the distinctive logo which they wear with pride at their gigs and a modernity of sound.

Garnering a wider touring circuit, the material they play has a broad international appeal and by bringing  the music in to the 21st Century they have been able to rinse out the jeans jacket wrinkles with a refreshing update. The combination of multiple vocalists enables the band to switch styles and generate a completely different sound as voices are used in relevance to the instrumental.

For those after a thumping night of the classic headbanging rock ‘n’ roll there is plenty to engage, those looking to use their cranium as more than a buffer for a rapidly moving cerebral cortex there is also a superb night to be had. With a thirteen track eponymous LP also available for those who can’t get to the live performances, there is plenty for everyone. Better than that a limited run vinyl accompanies it – I believe there are only about 100 left as I write.


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