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Alex Watts & the Foreign Tongue

Alex Watts & the Foreign Tongue is a three piece indie rock band from Melbourne in Australia with the line-up of Alex Watts (guitar / Vocals), Brian Juffs (bass) and Michael McHugh (drums).

Alex Watts & the Foreign Tongue

Alex Watts & the Foreign Tongue

I was somewhat surprised by the journey I travelled on listening to Alex Watts & the Foreign Tongue. One moment the vocal is reminiscent of the poetry of Bob Dylan, then with a deft switch I was off listening to some solid ’50s rock’n'roll before finding myself thinking of Chas ‘n Dave.

Wherever the trio take the listener they do it in style as the material is able to stand up to scrutiny and delivered with panache. Whilst the material stretches a wide canvas it doesn’t leave the listener feeling seasick as there is a continuity of a jangle that sits in the dead centre of the sound. They manage to utilise a number of other players to add an orchestral choice of wind instruments to the toolbox, which they use with well crafted selection as and where the instruments add value to the track.

This will be an interesting band to hear develop. Already an EP and follow up single under the belt this is a sound that will engage with a range of music fans who like their music to have an aura of intellectual savvy surrounding it.


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