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Zero Zero

Zero Zero is an electro indie-pop band from Phoenix in the USA. The three piece of Nicole Laurenne (synths / vocals), Michael Johnny Walker (guitar) and Nick Ramirez (drums) began life in early 2012 and are already gaining considerable notice. Laurenne and Walker are no strangers to the music scene having previously been involved with The Love Me Nots. […]


Ekkomouse is the electro-rock duo of Steve Prane and Adam Retherford from St Louis in the USA. Interestingly my inbox is become ever more frequented by bands who take the heart and soul of ’70s and ’80s rock and are reconfiguring it in to drum loops and electronic paraphernalia, whilst retaining Guitar and Bass. Few so far appear […]

Jungle Doctors

Jungle Doctors – is a five piece indie pop band from Teddington in England with a five piece line-up of Sam Budd (Lead Vocals / Guitars / Keys), Will Tyler (Backing Vocals / Bass / Guitars), David Thomas (Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals), Angus McGuinness (Rhythm Guitar) and Louis Watton (Drums / Occasional Cow Bell). This is one of those […]

The Milk Bar

The Milk Bar is an alternative Indie Rock Band from London in England. Leon Milk, Ben Sands and Ginger Drage played Open Mic nights until earlier in 2012 they decided to make a break for it. This is a sound with which I am immediately able to identify. Simply shrouded sounds weave their waves in to the room landing in the […]

Float The Witch

Float The Witch is an alternative indie rock band from New Jersey in the USA. Carmelina Lista (Vocals), Brian Roy (Bass), Ben Petty (Guitar) and Anthony Freda (Drums) spent some time in the studio over the summer of 2012 to produce their Eponymous EP. The plangent sound-waves that wend their way in to the ears ooze of dripping oil paints as […]

Dead Cars – Zanussi Cutprice Rock – Audio Only

Dead Cars from Brighton in England have a new EP – Good People Have White Teeth – set for official launch on the 24th November 2012. Here is –  Zanussi Cutprice Rock  - a track which reminds me of a mix between Adam and The Ants pre warpaint and The Adverts. Donations to help with the running […]

Wailer Pilot Study

Wailer Pilot Study is an electro-rock band from Manchester comprising of the duo - Stephen (Vocals / Bass /Keys /Samples) and Kieran (Vocals /Guitar / Beats). You know how sometimes despite yourself you find something interesting, well so I find myself here with Wailer Pilot Study. Guitar, bass, vocal and a choice to have no natural […]

They Might Swim

They Might Swim a grunge rock band from Brighton in England is the four piece of Benjamin Everett (Guitar / Vocals), Selena Orkwis (Guitar / Vocals), Paul Atkin (Bass) and Anthony Probert (Drums). I typed Brighton, but I find myself in Philadelphia where this would be a natural home and bravely stepping in to Brighton they have much to […]

Franco and the Dreadnought – Last Man Standing

Franco and the Dreadnought who we originally covered in April 2012 has a new release coming out on the 25th November 2012 – Last Man Standing. To accompany the single is a twelve strong remix and here are five versions of Last Man Standing to take a listen to. Far better than hearing it on the speakers, […]

Dub Addiction

Dub Addiction from Phnom Pehn in Cambodia is a ragga dub collective comprising Sebastian Adnot (Bass), Benoit Carre (Guitar), Toma Willen (Drums), Kaë Lhassàn (Keys), MC Curly (Vocals) and Professor Kinski (Vocals / FX) Pulling together sounds from the Carribean in the ’70s and ’80s and adding hip-hop to the mix Dub Addiction bring a new flavour to the sounds emerging […]

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